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Retail customer story: ILS

In 2014, Goodman developed a 26,250 sqm warehouse, which allowed ILS to consolidate operations from warehousing facilities in the region. The facility was prepared for expansion, and in 2016 Goodman developed additional 18,120 sqm of space for ILS.

ILS is a dynamically growing logistics company and a subsidiary of Inter Cars Group, the largest automotive spare parts distributor in Central and Eastern Europe. ILS needed room to expand domestic and international operations in Central and Southeastern Europe and decided to consolidate several warehouses in the region under one roof. The company required a modern logistics solution to store different types of products, including the safe storage of tires and combustible items. Furthermore, the location would need to allow for convenient daily deliveries of items to the Silesian region and abroad. ILS also wanted to have the possibility to expand the facility and expected the warehouse to be energy efficient.

ILS requirements for the new built-to-suit development:

  • Consolidation of dispersed warehousing facilities in one location, with possibility of expansion
  • Modern facility designed for automotive logistics
  • Energy efficient warehouse, allowing for effective operations and cargo management, suitable to store products requiring additional fireproof measures
  • Location with easy access to key roadsand a well-trained labour force



  • Sosnowiec, Silesian Province (second most populous region of Poland)
  • Direct connection with S1 expressway, part of the
  • Silesian Ring Expressway, linking the Upper Silesian
  • Industrial Region with the A4 and A1 motorways
  • 45 km from the Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport
  • 15 km from Katowice, capital of the province


  • Warehouse area: 24,760 sqm + 17,670 sqm of expansion
  • Office space: 1,490 sqm + 450 sqm

Delivery time

  • March 2014 - December 2014 (9 months)
  • Expansion: June 2015 - January 2016 (8 months)
  • Technical details
  • Overhead doors: 8 + 2
  • Loading docks: 28 + 33
  • Over 1.5 km of conveyors
  • Floor capacity: 50 kN/sqm
  • Free height: 10 m

Goodman solution


In 2014, Goodman developed a 26,250 sqm warehouse, which allowed ILS to consolidate operations from warehousing facilities in the region. The facility was prepared for expansion, and in 2016 Goodman developed additional 18,120 sqm of space for ILS. The two buildings are fully integrated.

Optimal design

The warehouse designed by Goodman allowed ILS to efficiently manage cargo in a mezzanine system of racks, with more than 1.5 km of automatically managed conveyors, and a sorting  mechanism directing packages to 18 destinations.

Energy efficient

ILS expected the property to be energy efficient. To significantly lower energy costs, Goodman implemented LED lightening throughout the entire warehouse.

High safety standards

Around a third of the warehouse space is dedicated to the storage of tires and combustible products, such as engine oils and aerosols. This required additional fire-protection measures. Goodman delivered appropriate solutions, ensuring that the building is adequately fireproof. The facility meets elevated fire safety standards as walls in the tire storage segment can withstand and contain fire for a longer time, and the fire sprinkler system provides enhanced efficiency.

Perfect location

The warehouse is located 150 m from the S1 expressway, part of the Silesian Ring Expressway, which connects the A4 and A1 motorways and serve as Poland’s main pan-European East-West and North-South serves corridors. The Czech and Slovakian borders are a mere 100 km away. The warehouse is the largest ILS regional logistical centre, serving Southern Poland, as well as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. The facility is easily accessible by public transportation from Sosnowiec, a city with skilled labour force. The warehouse offers 200 parking space for the 600 ILS employees working at the logistics centre.


The new property significantly improved ILS' growth potential. The company still has space to develop its operations at this location. The strategic location of Sosnowiec played a key role in facilitating the ongoing development of ILS' logistics operations, enabling delivery to Southern Poland and Central and Southeastern European markets.

With the consolidation of three different warehouses into one logistics centre in Sosnowiec, Goodman's facility is one  of the biggest warehouses operated by ILS and serves  as its main warehouse for tires.

The warehouse was built with the latest techniques and modern materials, allowing for greater energy efficiency and operates with a lower environmental impact.

The property is managed by Goodman's in-house team  of property experts to ensure it continues to perform  to high standards and fulfills ILS' requirements.