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Sustainability customer story: DSV

Goodman has developed a 20,500m2 warehouse for DSV a global transport and logistics services provider at Goodman’s Munich Airport Logistics Centre in Langenbach, Germany. The new facility is one of the best equipped and energy efficient warehouses in the Munich region. 

The approach

It includes a range of environmentally friendly innovations such as extended roof insulation and cladding to reduce heat loss, energy saving T-5 lighting and a wood pellet floor heating system. 

These features combine economy with ecology providing energy and cost savings to our customer and Goodman is preparing a case or DGNB certification of the Langenbach facility. 


  • Wood pellet heating system uses renewable energy and preserves natural resources.

Technical installation

  • Energy efficient T5 lights with intelligent light sensitive control to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Floor heating system provides warmth to the whole warehouse.

Cladding + Loading

  • Improved roof and cladding insulation reduces wood pellet consumption.

Health + Wellbeing

  • Horizontal windows in the handling area and additional skylights (racking area) increases the proportion of natural light within the warehouse.
  • Bicycle rack and showers are provided for employees.
  • Additional internal office windows provide a better working atmosphere.
  • Automatic sunscreens reduce glare and heat during the summer.

Design + Process

  • Roof prepared for a photovoltaic system. A load reserve for the system is included in the stability calculation for the roof construction.
  • Separate entrance for trucks and cars provides a well-regulated traffic flow and increased safety.
  • Watertight floor slab allows the storage of goods with a water hazard classification.
  • The warehouse can be easily extended when additional space is required.


  • Landscaping developed with indigenous trees and plants.
  • Plot size, warehouse and external facilities are designed to maximize efficiency of available land area.

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